Revealing Look At Google Checkout Vs PayPal

PayPal has been a force in the e-commerce business arena for years. From its creation in March 2000, it slowly emerged as the primary choice for eBay users and is widely accepted as a third party payment provider. In October 2002, eBay acquired PayPal and has since improved the services that it provides. Services vary from facilitating payment processing to offering a wide range of merchant services.

Google C on the other hand, has not been in the market for long. In June 2006 Google Checkout, the creation of corporate giant Google, became available in the United States. It has since gained acceptance among online businesses for the services it provides.

Both PayPal and Google C offer convenience, security, and privacy for its users. They provide ease to both merchants and consumers. For instance, the consumer does not have to keep entering information like credit card numbers, which makes the transaction faster and easier. They both offer SSL security on the same level that banks do. Both rate merchants in service, credibility, and reliability preventing illegal transactions and fraud. Customer information is also shielded from retailers, providing consumers with more security. Yet with these similarities in the basic services they provide, PayPal and Google Checkout are still very different with regard to the other services they provide.

Despite both companies offering the service of paying online, PayPal is much more diverse than Google Checkout. While credit cards and debit cards are the only accepted means of payment for Google Checkout, PayPal offers the option of paying from your bank account, and is ECheck, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), capable. PayPal is also more accepted in international transactions. It is supported by 190 markets compared to Google Checkout’s 140. PayPal is also accepted in 55 countries, while Google C is only available in the United States and United Kingdom. PayPal also accepts a wide range of international currency like the US dollar, Pound, Euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and Yen. Currency exchange is also available with PayPal for a small fee. PayPal also offers a wider range of services and features that include invoicing, statements, shipping and tax calculations, and customer options.